NOTE TO INVESTORS AND ORGANIZATIONS (private and Institutional):


All the documentations included in our general websites are not financial soliciting documents.

We expose the best way in order to federate Colleagues in order to fund their companies by the means of financial tools the better adapted to the

needs of space industries and join our mutual technical and scientific efforts to realize the space projects.

The corporates willing to join us, will communicate documents under NDA Non Disclosure Agreement and MOU ( Memorandum of Understanding)

Glycan Space Industries Lawyer

No advance fee are required in order to candidate to FEDERATE project , companies involved as facilitators or bank intermediaries will act under contract of SUCCESS FEE.

The financing organization( FEDERATE DOCUMENT) might be SPAC-Seed Funds- pre IPO-REG A +

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WHY FEDERATE Space Industries ? in order to start and complete and therefore realize space project on time –


the market is multi $BN in order to brake the space debris menace

the investment is also multi $BN, the ROI( Revenue On Investment) might be also several hundred of muti $BN, the servicing at LEO-NEO will be very important, Launchers and Institutions Gov., but also for others objects as well as MOON , moons, and planets and in general in Solar System.

It’s well known by scientists and technologists that for the moment it does not exist a sole company who can hunt detect and terminate the menace on place of space debris for 600 objects to 1000 objects per month in order to avoid the Kessler syndrome-

Even if the method of detecting Space Fence ( Lockheed Martin ) as the first tool-

DE-orbiting and Earth Re-entry is considerably risky method and oceans are not a garbage and limited in number of collection by day or week!

Lasers embarked or from ground is considered as “ Russian roulette “ and this medicine is worse than the risk.

This discussion is highly specialized and cannot takes place in this preliminary information

Together with TERMINATORR(and Colleagues) we can offer to space community a better and secured future.

The Colleagues can detect and hunt we will terminate the job of remediation of the menace(with Terminatorr., and each company will get their funds from SPAC or IPO

Second example.

MINING and REFINING (ISRU) In Situ Resources Utilization

PERT REFINING plasma tool in Solar system and in Belts of Asteroids

ASTEROIDS CRUSADE is not EASY MONEY ! “go and pick-up PMGs ( precious metals)!

All the contrary if you intent to apply Earth Chemistry.

We must use a new chemistry in Space as well as PERT method( plasma chemistry)