EM DRIVE NASA-JPL-USAF-Lockheed Martin-Boeing- others

Anti-gravity plasma propulsion ( Mega-Newton) tensors of space time( anti-gravity plasma machines)

Plasma machines MOTORR EARTH and Solar System and beyond.

Drift velocity in deep space

New physics involved in propulsion

Black matter entropy-negentropy( femto matrices of alloys(similar) at LAB – (Si-Se-Zn-Bi-Mo-Zr-Ln3+ -Mg-In others) of metals source of time crystal ( different states liquid-solid-gas-plasma-)

Electrochemistry with liquid “time Crystal”

New states of matter in this universe

Time crystal condensate-RESONANCE with stars( black hole-white hole-local time fusion hole at EQUILIBRIUM)

Time as physical matter with mass unitary (uma) 10-63(the memon-morphon structure)


Memory as organizations of memons ( neural volumic matrices )

Neurons rebuilding in AD Alzheimer Disease Patent -association to AI (Artificial Intelligence) quantum machines

New space time in human Astrocytes

Quantum Biology ( QIM -Quantum Intronic Medicine)

(QIM website section www.silicon-G57.us)

SPACE TIME (or similar) TOOLS

New Time creation as space-time absorber(operator) at 5th -7th-9th state absorber of the matter at 4th state of matter( plasma absorption and annihilation)

atto space time portal ( c ) annihilation )-

Electro-plasma space time creation ( c ) with ( non finite value)